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What Drives KO

Coach Henry Castro has spent his life in the fitness business; evolving from various positions learning all avenues of the fitness business. He bought his first gym at the age of 23. Enduring many successes but also tough learning curves, Henry went on to open Powerhouse gyms, even in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, and Angel City Fitness to name a few. He also managed various Spectrum Club locations and additional clubs for reputable companies.

Coach Henry then pursued his own signature vision of the best of boxing-fitness small group training studio. With help, love and support from his family, particularly his son Zach, Henry developed and launched KO Studios, Agoura’s premier small group fitness studio.

KO stands for community, encouragement, and a place where many walks of life are welcome. KO’s clients have the common goals of working hard, giving their best, and seeking a safe yet energizing place to have coaches guide them, support them, and provide the routines to achieve great results while discovering how hard they can push themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

From this family-driven, passion-infused, and gratefully motivated approach, Coach Henry and his team of excellent coaches bring you KO Studios, the best in small group training, boxing-fitness 30 minute workouts.

Our promise to you:

In the KO Fambam World, our mission is to provide our clients with an immediate feeling of positive energy and inspiration through our unique concept, technique, and delivery of the KO personalized experience. We give you the benefits of private training, overview, and support in all of our small group classes as you enjoy encouraging and effective boxing-fitness workouts.

The KO Vision

The main objective of the KO lifestyle through our studios comes down to these key points:

  • Small, friendly, enjoyable group classes (4-6 fitness average and 4-8 boxing). This allows the coaches to focus on our clients and provide programs to give everyone an effective and enjoyable experience each time.
  • Having a dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly-caring team who understand the KO vision and work to support each client to reach and surpass their individual fitness goals.
  • Specialty programs offered for a small extra fee for those who want to be challenged a little bit more and have more specific fitness or boxing goals (G-Program, Muay Thai for youth and adults, etc)
  • Our coaching team offers great alternatives for those who want extra support, including private one-on-one fitness training and couple sessions.
  • Our advance clients who are involved in specialty programs help head up community projects to give back monthly and to a large variation of neighbors in need from being bodies to bless those who can’t to using our boxing-fitness skills to raise money for charities, giving back to our Neighbors, community, city, and nation is what we are all about at KO Studios.